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Digital Photo Art

I got the book Digital Photo Art by Theresa Airey recently and have really been enjoying her insights on combining both traditional and digital techniques to totally transform photo images. Here's a excerpt from the book. I think it's an excellent observation to keep in mind as I wander outside today to take pictures...

"Have you ever noticed that when you're preparing to make a purchase, whether it's a new car, new carpet, or a new home, you become very attuned to advertisements, billboards, radio ads, etc., that speak to your field of purchase?

You fill your mind with certain visuals as you pre-plan your purchase, and your sub-conscious mills over your inner desire unbeknownst to your conscious self.

There were no more red Hondas on the road this week than there were the week prior but, suddenly in the market for a red Honda, you see them everywhere! You have that car shape and color in your mind, so you are more attuned to their presence than you would be otherwise. If you prepare your mind to see something, it will."

Of course! How simple, and how brilliant! Prepare your mind to see what you want to see ~ whether it's interesting patterns of light and shadow, a certain type of imagery, or reflections ~ it doesn't matter what. Unless you've chosen to see city skyscrapers and you live in the country, you'll see what you've prepared yourself to see.

And you know what? If you want to see city skyscrapers and there are none to be found, your amazing brain will at least find everything in the countryside that resembles a skyscraper!!