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Book review: Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons

Today I want to introduce you to the second book that caught my eye for summer projects with the kids or the grandkids...Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie.  These ladies are awesome, and if you fall in love with their work, you'll be thrilled to know that there is another book simply called Forest Fairy Crafts that you can snag as well.

All the fairies, gnomes, and critters are made from felt, so the cutting and sewing part is super-simple.  It's the details that make the difference, and there are copious instructions given for how to make these delightful folk come to life.  The beginning section covers all the materials and techniques, and the first part of the project section suggests that you construct practice pieces: a fairy girl, fairy boy, fairy baby, and a basic gnome.  Of course if you're like me, you'll want to just skip ahead right into the projects!  Go ahead...the instructions are super-detailed, and you can always flip back to the techniques section if you get stuck.

Click on the pictures below to get enlarged images so you can see how cute these little beings are!

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