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The pour and tilt method of liquid acrylic painting - a tutorial

Last week, we looked at the "pour and swipe" method of liquid acrylic painting.  Today I want to share a different method that we'll call "pour and tilt".  There is no one right way to do these paintings, but you will get the best cell development if you use silicone, Floetrol, or other chemical inclusions to help them set.  Sometimes you will pour these paintings and get amazing cells, which disappear as time goes on and they set :-(  Do yourself a favor and take a picture early if you really like what you got, because it just might not last!  

1. Gesso some masonite boards and let them dry. 

2. Place a prepared board inside an aluminum pan, raised up on small cups.  Make sure the surface is completely level.

3. Mix your paints.  This is how I did it:

  • Small blob of heavy bodied paint in a small cup.
  • Equal amount of GAC 100 (a Golden product).  Stir well.
  • Add self-leveling medium or GAC 800 equal to or more than the total amount above.  Stir well
  • Water, added a small amount at a time and stirred in thoroughly until the mixture pours easily.  This is the hard part to know how much.
  • A shot or two of silicone.  Quick mix just before pouring.

4. The colors I used were Titanium white, Pyrrole orange, Cobalt teal and Quinacridone magenta.  Make four puddles of white on the masonite board, and top each with a smaller puddle of orange, white, and pink.  Dribble the turquoise around the edges and in the middle.  Tilt the board and let the colors run.  Re-level it and allow the cells to start to form.

5. If there are areas where you want more cells, you can spritz it gently with rubbing alcohol and/or use a long-nosed lighter to bring some more up.

Pour and Swipe
Flip Cup

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Mia said…
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, my friend. I love this gorgeous techique.
Cyndi L said…
You're welcome! You never know quite what you're going to get :-)
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