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The flip cup method of liquid acrylic painting - a tutorial

So far, we've gone through the steps for doing a pour and swipe liquid painting and a pour and tilt liquid painting!  This week, we'll look at the flip cup method. Each of these techniques has its benefits and its limitations.  I really like the flip cup method, but you have the least control with this one.  It's fun to not know what you're going to get, but it can be frustrating too!

For the set up, follow the first three steps from last week.  Even the paint colors that I used are the same, and are listed in step four.  Funny how totally different this one turned out from last week when they were the same colors!

4. Pour the paints from their smaller individual cups into a large disposable cup, each one on top of the previous color in this order: Titanium white, Cobalt teal, white again, Pyrrole orange, white again, and Quinacridone magenta.

5. Flip the cup upside down onto the masonite board.  Hold it down and swirl it slightly.  Remove the cup and tilt to spread the paints.  Spray lightly with rubbing alcohol or use a long-nosed lighter to bring up more cells in certain areas if you'd like.

6. When the piece is perfectly dry (overnight is best), use a pipette to apply some undiluted white ink to form underwater grasses.

Pour and swipe
Pour and tilt
Flip cup

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Mia said…
Wonderful technique! I will definitely try it. Have a great week, my friend.