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Fall Aflame - a mixed media painting tutorial

Fall Aflame
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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Sometimes your silicone mixture just doesn't come out right!  I was trying for a mix of some bright colors with cells using the Pour and Swipe method of liquid acrylic painting.  Something didn't get mixed up properly, or else I mixed in the wrong proportions, because as soon as I swiped the black across the paints, they streaked instead of forming cells.  

Since it was ruined anyway, I tried an experiment, which I ended up rather liking!


Here is the initial set up:
White gesso on heavy watercolor paper, paints mixed up (I thought) like in my previous liquid paintings.  But they look grainy, don't they?

As soon as I swiped, this is what I got...a total mess with colors sliding all over each other and no cells at all.  Since it was such an irredeemable mess, I sprayed it with some more silicone and watched the colors break up and move around even more.  It was kind of cool to see, so I started moving them a bit myself.

When I got the streaks of color into patterns that I liked, I let it dry overnight.  I blotted it to remove any silicone just sitting on the surface, and dripped black ink from the top, giving it a light mist of rubbing alcohol to encourage more fuzzy edges.

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