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Time Passages - a mixed media triptych painting tutorial

Time Passages
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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This three paintings were all variations on a theme, as I think you can easily tell!  The backgrounds started out as gesso pulls over top of toned underpaintings.  Using the darkest one as an example, it went like this:

1. Paint concentric rings of gesso with White in the middle, gray around that, and Black around the outside.

2. Use a gray mixed gesso to pull Phthalo blue and Phthalo green down the length of the page.  Adjust the colors and allow to dry.

3. Mist lightly and drip black India ink from a pipette.

4. Add "leaves" with a large craggy brush.  I used Pyrrole orange and Permanent violet, both plain and mixed with white gesso.

5. Splatter with a mix of Hansa yellow light and white gesso.

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Robbie said…
WOW...these are wonderful!!! And you give us a hint on how to recreate...although, I doubt ours will look like yours!
Cyndi L said…
Well that's perfectly ok, because NONE of these ever look the same. The gesso pulls lead to a great deal of serendipity!