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The Rift - a mixed media painting tutorial

The Rift
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

I usually am a pretty happy person, content with my life and grateful for my friends, family, and what I've got.  This past half year has been difficult though, for many of us.  I don't care what side of the "aisle" you are on, I have witnessed enough division and nastiness to last me the rest of my life.  So what do I do?  I pray, I serve my community, and I make stuff.  What do you do?

The background for The Rift has 3 layers:
Interference blue with a dot of Ultramarine blue, plus water
Interference blue with water
Gloss medium

Let each layer dry before adding the next.  I added a thin strip of blue painter's tape across the upper third.

The next layer of paint was slightly diluted Micaceous iron oxide.  I removed the tape and quickly wiped a thick streak off with a sponge.  I added waxed paper (crinkled) to the upper third and plastic wrap to the bottom two thirds.  This was heated and then peeled off.

Next I added dilute washes of Interference gold to the top and dilute washes of Iridescent gold to the bottom.  To that strip I added a muddy mix of very dilute paints: Quinacridone magenta, Iridescent gold, and Interference gold.  At first I added it the entire way across the painting, but I ended up wiping it off the streak later.

Once it was all fairly dry, I dropped some splotches of rubbing alcohol on it and rubbed to make some worn spots.

Last, I turned it upside down and liked it much much better!

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