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Eureka - a mixed media painting tutorial

Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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I wanted to try another brightly colored painting similar to Breaking Free from a few weeks ago.  This time, instead of the batik technique for a background, I decided to use a rubbing alcohol technique.  It only works well on water-diluted acrylics, so save your glazing medium for another time!

1. I used three layers of paint, each one splashed or flicked with alcohol while still wet: Quinacridone magenta, then Hansa yellow light, and finally a muddy mix of Quinacridone magenta, Interference gold, and Iridescent gold.  As a final touch, I spritzed the whole thing with additional Quinacridone magenta.  The entire piece was covered with a coat of gloss medium.  When it was dry, I added the paper and tape masks. 

2. I used a small foam roller with Titan buff mixed with a bit of gloss medium.  

3. When that layer was dry and the masks were removed, I mixed Cobalt turquoise and white gesso with a little water, and used an applicator bottle to draw it on.  I used a razor blade to apply black ink lines, and misted them lightly where needed to encourage some bloom.  

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Robbie said…
I love this piece!!!! The border is amazing and really sets off the is great addition. Thanks for tutorial!!!!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Robbie! I'm trying to get out of my more somber mood with COLOR!! LOL!