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Total Eclipse of the Heart - a tutorial

Total Eclipse of the Heart
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

1. Paint watercolor paper with mixture of black gesso and turquoise acrylic.  Let dry thoroughly.  Spread on watered down white gesso and cover with plastic wrap.  Peel off slowly before completely dry.

2. Working on one half at a time, run a bead of India ink along the center and allow to drip towards the edges.  Use black on the upper half and white ink on the lower.  The white will mix a bit with the black.  Spray the ink with two coats of Krylon acrylic spray.  

3. Paint the piece with very watered down acrylics, adding and blotting to build up the layers. Acrylic colors used: Dioxazine purple, Red oxide, Yellow ochre, and Iridescent copper 

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