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Spring Snow - a tutorial

Spring Snow
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

1. Apply tissue paper to watercolor paper with gloss medium.  Spray paper to wet it, and add India ink drips from near the top (piece shown upside down from the way it was worked).  Smudge Quinacridone crimson and Cobalt turquoise acrylics near top and use white gesso on a foam brush to smear it down the page.  Add Hansa yellow light with fingers to any white areas and to highlight the tissue paper.

2. Mist with water and allow colors to mingle.  Dig circle shapes through the upper layers of paint with biscuit cutters.  Add some smears of Interference violet paint.  Add Medium magenta paint to what is now the bottom of the piece.

3. Stamp with bubble wrap.  Use masking tape to create plant shapes.  I hate that shape in the middle, so I'll have to figure out a way around it!

4. Use a foam roller to lightly roll white gesso over plant shapes.  When dry, remove them.

5. Cut out pieces from the whole, and mount them on large piece of paper covered by a mix of Black gesso and Turquoise phthalo. That's one way around a ruined middle section!

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