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Experiments with gesso masks

Instead of using just acrylics and gesso, I wanted to try Derwent Inktense acrylic ink pencils to see what gesso masks would look like with them as the background.  My recommendations from these experiments is that whether you want your colors to blend or to stay put, you will have quite a bit of control with the pencils.

I grabbed some of the brightest colors and scribbled all over a small piece of watercolor paper.  Then I misted them with a spray bottle of water and moved them around slightly to blend some of the edges.

For my first experiment, I cut out some leaf shapes from card stock and rolled over them with white gesso, applying it heavily enough to obscure the background, but not entirely.

I added the vine after the fact :-)

On a second smaller piece, cut from the end of the first, I rearranged the leaves into petals.  This time, I added some opaque magenta to the white gesso before the first rolling.

After rolling with white, I left the petals in place, and added some painter's tape around the edges.  I rolled the center portion a second time, using black gesso this time.

To finish, I outlined the petals with a black Pitt pen.

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