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Untouchable - a tutorial

Cyndi Lavin, 2017

Don't you just love it when several projects come together?  Years ago, I painted some acrylic and rubbing alcohol papers to use "someday" as a background.  Even more years ago, I played with creating some expanded squares.  And last week, I enjoyed using them both with some layered gesso masks!

1. Cut your background paper to size.  I used half for the piece Spring is Coming, and half for today's piece, Untouchable.

2. I traced one of the expanded heart patterns and transferred it to a piece of card stock.  I also needed a second solid heart for later.

3. Tape down the pattern and use a small foam roller to apply white gesso to the unmasked portions.

4. Remove the square mask, and replace it with the solid heart.  I also used masking tape to create a geometric shape around the heart (not shown above, but you can see the results below!).  Roll with black gesso.

5. Draw additional shapes around the heart design if you wish.  I used a black Permopaque pen.  Paint them in with the lighter colors used in the background paper (Cobalt teal, Quinacridone gold, Light green).

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Robbie said…
This really turned out pretty cool!!! I had to reread a few times to grasp exactly where/how the black around the heart came from! Love it!