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Book review: Digital Fiber Art

Wen Redmond's book, Digital Fiber Art, published by C&T Publishing, is packed full of more information than you can possibly believe.  And throughout, each technique, tip, and idea is decorated by Wen's photos and digital pieces.  It's a complete visual feast.

The book begins with inspirational chapters that help you get your images and backgrounds ready for printing and combining.  Using digital filters, digital and physical collage, painting papers and fabrics, Wen shows you how to combine these for truly unique results in your art quilts.  Though she focuses throughout on quilts, so many of these techniques can also be used for paper-based collages.

The technical information covers using your printer in some unique ways, pre-coats for your fabrics and papers, making carrier sheets for printing, underpainting and overpainting the substrate, using sheers, recycled fabrics and papers, and various specialty products (like Lutradur).  Wen shows you how to include transparent and translucent overlays in your work, plain, printed, and/or painted. She also covers acrylic mediums, especially the specialty ones, and how to add natural materials like tea leaves and sand to your medium.  Oh, and don't forget the molding paste and paint skins!

Finally, finishing your work is not neglected either, with a chapter on post-coats, sealers, wax, metallic and luster powders.  And last, mounting and displaying work rounds out this jam-packed volume.  


Robbie said…
I am behind in blog reading and just saw your review! I just received this book a few weeks's GREAT! I've always liked seeing what Wen creates and she give so many different techniques/media to try....really good book!
Cyndi L said…
She is totally awesome, isn't she?? It's an incredibly inspiring book :-)
Wen said…
Thank you Robbie and Cyndi for those wonderful comments. Glad that my art can inspire!
Cyndi L said…
I'm glad you found us...especially since we were saying nice things behind your back :-D