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Venice - a collage painting and tutorial

Years ago, Mike and I traveled to Italy to pick up Dani after her semester abroad.  Some of you might remember that my poor poor baby had to go study oil painting and sculpture in Italy as part of her art degree.  And of course Mike and I couldn't possibly let her travel back all on her own ;-)

I took possibly 2 million pictures while we were there, and fully 1 million of those were of doors, windows, and textured walls.  Venice was captivating in a way that's like no where else on earth.  I have made quilts, other collages, digital pieces, and jewelry all inspired by Venice.  And now here is the latest...I just can't seem to shake these colors!

1. Take large pieces of tissue paper (white) and gesso both the front and the back of each.  You'll need to wait till one side dries before doing the second.

2. Print out a grayscale sketch of your inspiration photo and use it to plan a grid.  I divided up the shapes, and also used it to plan the color placement in rudimentary form.

3. Use a small brayer with acrylics to paint the papers once they're dry.  Allow the paint to hit just the high points.

4. Paint a background piece of watercolor paper (cold press, 140 lb), again using the brayer and a couple different colors of paint.

5. Carefully cut out the delicate gesso papers and adhere them to the background with gloss medium.  Top coat with matte medium and acrylic matte or satin varnish.

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Robbie said…
Wow...very cool technique!!! Thanks!