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Book review: Fabricadabra - Simple Quilts, Complex Fabric

Paula Nadelstern wants to teach you the most straightforward ways possible of creating eye-catching kaleidoscopic quilts.  To that end, she wrote Fabricadabra - Simple Quilts, Complex Fabric for C+T Publishing.  She teaches you how to see the seams and she unwraps the mysteries of symmetry.  The results are simple, but not easy: they still require much thought and work once you understand the simple patterns behind them.

Reversing the usual organizational order, the gallery is right up front, each quilt accompanied by a line grid illustration to show you how to "read" the quilt and find the simple seams.  As I worked by way through the book, I found myself increasingly able to predict "how she did it" before seeing the grid.

The second part of the book covers design strategies and how to work with complex prints.  Paula likes to camouflage the seams, so to speak, so that the eye flows over them .  The third part of the book covers using your tools and templates properly.  This type of design is precise, and Paula helps you hone your skills.


Robbie said…
WOW...looks interesting. Paula's quilts have always stood out...will have to check out this book too! Like I need another book! Thanks, Cyndi (I think! HA)
Cyndi L said…
HA back atcha! I'm sorry...not :-)