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Book review: Arftul Improv

Cindy Grisdela, author of Artful Improv, started out by doing traditional designs, then began tweaking them.  Eventually she arrived at the place where she no longer wanted to use patterns or precise measurements, even though her personal designs where still heavily influenced by the traditional designs that she loved.  In this new volume by C+T Publishing, Cindy shares the building blocks that she uses, teaches you how to work without precise patterns, shares color recipes that will ensure the designs actually do work, and covers free-motion quilting.  The quilting is extremely important in these quilts, because the solid color fabrics she favors do not have the same degree of complexity as prints.  

The topics covered in this playful book are as follows: organizing your fabrics, creating a color "recipe", using design elements and principles in your work, working improvisationally, creating the building blocks (stripes, circles, blocks, and curves), using negative space, balance, and texture effectively, and quilting/finishing choices.  This is a fine choice of a book for anyone who wants to just cut loose and see what happens!


Cindy Grisdela said…
Thanks for the great review! I appreciate your kind words about my book. I love the last line!
Cyndi L said…
Well, thank *you* for such a fine book and great instructions! :-)