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My new posters

Psalm 63:1
Using the technique that I showed you last week, I've put together five new posters for our church.  Each one features a verse or two from a Psalm which forms the lyrics of songs that we sing.  Even though all of the songs are older ones, we still use them in our music rotation from time to time.  "Older" doesn't mean they've lost their power!

Psalm 51:10, 12

It's a bit hard to read these in the small sizes I've posted here (each one is actually 36 x 24 inches).  Not all of the posters are easy to read from across the room either, even at full size.  The backgrounds are a bit "busier" than I usually use with text, but the idea was to draw people in and allow them to examine the texture and text close up.

Psalm 9:1-2

Psalm 73:25-26

Psalm 84:1-2

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Cherie Burbach said…
Aw Cyndi I love these! They are beautiful! The Psalms are my favorite and I've what you've done with them here.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you so much Cherie! I wish I could paint the way you do, but I'm better off following my own style, I guess :-)
Vanessa Dawne said…
Love your unique posters Cyndi -- absolutely gorgeous ;-)
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Vanessa! Make them transparent and a few of them have a bit of a stained glass feel to them ;-)