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Book review: Hand Printing

Hand Printing Studio by Betsy Olmsted is due out in the beginning of May, but I've been able to look through a preview pdf, and does it ever look good!  I believe that if you are interested in learning to hand print your designs onto fabric, paper, and other materials, this book will give you a fantastic beginner's overview to the process.

Betsy covers how to create designs that will print well, the surfaces, colorants, and tools that you will need, and all the details of doing block prints, screen prints, and transfer prints.  Included are 15 projects along with 12 original designs that you are welcome to use if you don't want to draw your own.  One unique topic Betsy covers that I don't see in a lot of other printing books is abstract designs.  You'll find some lovely ideas for these in the chapter on transfer prints.