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Book review: The Art of Laurel Burch

Look, basically you either like Laurel Burch's art're wrong!  What's not to like about her beautiful fantasy flora and fauna, people, and above all, cats!?

Now you can own 45 of her never-before-seen sketches, all designed and printed out for you to color.  Use Laurel's color palette or one of your own making.  There's so much to choose from, and no way to do it wrong.  First of all, the paper is made to stand up to even water media, although you may want to remove your chosen image from the book before you start throwing paint around :-)  Secondly, each image has a blank back, so you don't have to make choices about which picture you will color and which will be wasted.

So, if you are already part of the coloring book craze, or you've been thinking you oughta's your chance!  Published by C&T Publishing, The Art of Laurel Burch can be ordered now!


I love Laurel Burch art...absolutely. I have the book on my wish list. I don't color, but I know those pics will make excellent embroidered stitchery.
xx, Carol
Cyndi L said…
Yes!! This book is just full of little motifs that would make great stitching outlines. I received the book as a pdf file for review...if I had a physical copy, I would have sent it to you :-(