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Stars in My Garden

I enjoyed last week's experiment so much that I decided to have at it again, but with a little more restriction.  I often find myself in a color rut, so instead of just reaching for my usual favorites, I did a bit of research on Marc Chagall's color palette.  The results were not perfect, because he worked in oils while I'm using acrylics.  However, I was quite happy with the experiment and feel that with a little bit of work, I could probably permanently bust myself out of my color rut :-)

Here's what I used, in this order:
140 lb cold press watercolor paper substrate
Polymer medium, liquid
Printed tissue paper
Wrapping paper
Sheer white tissue paper
White gesso
Brush style black Faber-Castell Pitt pen

Adhere tissue paper to substrate.

Wrapping paper - cut out shapes and adhere
them where desired. Cover with sheer tissue paper.

Add diluted acrylics and allow to dry before next step

Loosely paint flowers

Add diluted coat of gesso mixed with
medium, and draw in details

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