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"Intentional" - a mixed media collage

Last week I told you about the book Intuitive Painting Workshop and how I planned to do the monthly exercises, even though I was a little late getting started.  Well, I'm proud of myself because I did it.  No procrastinating, no judging, no criticizing...just DID IT!

I have such a hard time with second guessing that I deliberately set up distractions for myself so that I literally could not think.  I had NPR radio on, full blast, and once I picked out the papers and colors I wanted to use, I didn't allow myself a break until the layers of paper and paint were all done.

Here's what I used, in this order:
140 lb cold press watercolor paper substrate
Polymer medium
Previously painted paper towels (clean up towels)
Magazine pictures
Sheer white tissue paper
Acrylics: Quinacridone violet, green gold, cobalt turquoise, interference violet
Brush style black Faber-Castell Pitt pen

What am I gonna do with it?  Who knows :-)

Painted towels

Magazine images

Sheer white tissue paper


Interference violet, dripped

Re-oriented and Pitt Pen added

My updated version that I like better is shown at the link.

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