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Mobius strip scarves - part one

Two years ago, I had a lot of fun making Mobius Scarves (aka Infinity Scarves) for many people on my Christmas list.  If you visit the link above, it will take you to the instructions I wrote up for these scarves at the time.  This year I came up with a couple of variations on the technique, both using thinner strips rather than a solid piece of crocheting.  The inspiration came in part from the Mobius Bracelet that I made last year.  I love the way the strips cross over each other, and even though I knew it wouldn't look quite the same in a longer piece, I wanted to try it out.

Here's my first method:

1. Crochet a base by chaining and then adding single crochet.  I did 10 stitches.

2. Chain as many stitches as you want for the length of your scarf.  I added 75 stitches for a rather short scarf.  Single crochet back along the chain until you reach the base.  Slip stitch into the same stitch you started with on the base, and into the one next to it.  Add 4 more strips evenly spaced across the base, 1 strip to each 2 base stitches.

3. Slip stitch along the short side edge of the base, ending in the first stitch on the other long side of the base.  Straighten out the strips and lay them side by side.  Pick them all up near the loose ends and flip them over so that there is a mobius twist in the bundle of strips.

4. Use the crochet hook and yarn to slip stitch each strip into place on the free long edge of the base.  Cut off the yarn and weave the free ends into the base.

Next week, another method, Part two!

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These should work up fast, and they look great... love the color of yarn you've used. And, look how timely you are Cyndi, with all this cold weather we can use all the scarves we can get.
Cherie Burbach said…
Love this, Cyndi! I was just thinking about making a scarf and I'm going to use. Great idea.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! Cherie, love to see it!
It's beautiful, Cyndi. Mobius strips are always fascinating. Thank you for the pattern!
Cyndi--you astound me! Gorgeous!
xox jean