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Chickadee collage-qulit - part two

Yay!  I've finished the little fabric and paper piece that I started last week, and I now feel that I'm in the groove for using tutorial samples in my work this year!  Take a look at the first part of this tutorial, posted last week, to see how the component parts were made and the piece was arranged.

7. Quilt and/or glue collage piece in place through all layers.

8. Lay your collage quilt right-side down and position the substrate.  Turn the base fabric to the back and miter the corners.  Stitch them in place.

9. After mounting the piece, I decided it needed a bit more embellishment.  Rather than attempt to sew the buttons into place, I added embroidery floss to each and then glued them into place.  

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Cherie Burbach said…
I just LOVE watching your process here Cyndi. You always make it look so easy. I like the final embellishment at the end.
The contrasting threads really bring out the details beautifully. I love watching your progress.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys! It really needed those buttons, huh? Or something anyway!