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Book review: The Mixed-Media Artist

Do you remember how for years, I shared artist profiles with you that looked at the likes, loves, favorite materials, and creative processes of mixed media artists?  I truly loved that feature of Mixed Media Artist blog, so how could I not love a book that does the same thing...and that is titled The Mixed-Media Artist?!  Seth Apter has compiled this wonderful book for North Light Books, and whether you are an art lover or a maker...or will want to read through it.

Section one introduces 30 artists (some of whom you'll know, others not), each of whom shares a non-traditional artist statement and some insights into who are are as artists, followed by really cool "self-portraits" that give you a decent glimpse into their hearts.  Section two tacks the hard stuff, with answers to through provoking questions.  For example: "What do you do to make sure you are always growing artistically?" and "What do you like and dislike most about your own work?"  This section also shows a second work by the artists in response to a prompt.

Scattered throughout the book are little step-outs and sidebars with explanations of how the artists designed and created their self-portraits or some other piece which allows them to share a favorite technique.

Section three finishes with 14 more artists who create and explain an original work, made in response to one of four prompts.  It's particularly fascinating to compare pieces made to the same prompt side by side.  Rarely do any two people have the same vision!

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Cherie Burbach said…
This is so funny, I'm reading this right now. I love the book. I got it as a Christmas present.
Seth said…
Thanks so very much for this review of my book. Glad to hear that you have been enjoying the inspiration on its pages.
Cyndi L said…
I had been eagerly awaiting this book since I saw it was coming out!