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Vulture quilt - part five

It took awhile for me to decide how the vultures would be constructed.  I wanted them a shiny black with basically no other texture, just the way they might look spiraling around up in the sky.  But shiny black fabric tends to unravel.  Badly.  Here's what I came up with!

1. In Photoshop, I turned my vulture photos into solid black shapes by finding the edges and filling with black.  Then I found the edges once more, this time obtaining a solid black outline.  Size and print out on computer paper.

2. Using shirt weight interfacing (only fusible on one side) I traced the outlines onto the sticky side.  Cut out the shapes with a generous margin and iron them to some shiny synthetic black lining fabric (the wrong side if there is one).

3. Place the fabric on a piece of glass or a flat metal surface.  Use a heat tool with a pointed end to cut and melt your way around the shape.  The heat will fuse the edges and keep the piece from unraveling.

4. Clean up any stray threads around the edges.

5. This is approximately where the vultures will be on the quilt, but I'm not sure yet how to attach them.  I hate using glue, but I really don't want to stitch through the lining fabric, since I'm sure the stitching will be very visible.  Maybe if I use fine nylon beading thread in black.

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