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Book review: 500 Paper Objects

Just about anything you can imagine doing with paper is represented in this fabulous eye-candy book, 500 Paper Objects, juried by Gene McHugh and published by Lark Books.  Artists are featured who practice origami, kirigami, cutting, quilling, papier-mache, casting, quilting, rolling, and shredding...seriously.  If you can do it with paper, it's probably represented in here!

It's hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to books like this, but there were a few stand-outs.  In some cases, it was because they had multiple pieces in the book, and I not only liked their style, but could recognize and pick it out.  For example, there is Michael Velliquette, who works with crazy-loud colors:

Michael Velliquette
Meat Eater, 2011

On the other end of the spectrum is Amy Genser, who works with subtle natural tones, but whom I also fell in love with:

Amy Genser
Dead Sea Satellite 2, 2011

I wish I could show you everything, but obviously I can't.  The images in the book are also much clearer and truer to life than anything I can show you online.  Just one more example to nudge you, Patrick Gannon:

Patrick Gannon
To Breathe the Pale and Shining Moon, 2011

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