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Tree texture quilt - part four

I picked a patterned fabric for the backing of my quilt.  Since I haven't yet done any of the quilting, I cut the backing piece big too.  After all the quilting is finished, I'll be able to even up the sides and cut them straight.

My plan for the quilting is to stitch spirals.  Originally, I thought I might center the spiral on the panel, but I realized that the look was very unsettling, which was not my intent.  It seemed to imply that the moon might be moving towards the black hole in the center!  So I switched to a spiral that centered on the moon instead. 

This pretty variegated pearl cotton was my first choice for the quilting.  Love it, but look what happened:

Yup, you can barely see it.  I puzzled over what to do: stick with monochromatic, remove it and replace it with a contrasting color...

OR, how about adding more spirals in more colors?  That's what I've decided to do, even though that's going to add a bit more time to the project.  It will be worth it, I think.  Hopefully, some contrasting color will help bring a little dynamism back into the quilt.  Even though I don't want it to look like the moons are falling into black holes, I also don't want them to be flat and motionless!

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Sherri Osborn said…
Loving it so far and I can't want to see what you do next. :-)
Cherie said…
I like the idea of adding more spirals. This is looking so cool.
The spirals definitely add to the ethereal look. Lovely!