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Artsy blogging round-up!

Sewing the Seasons 
If you are looking to expand your craft book library, check out this wonderful sewing book that is full of projects and even several seasonal recipes. 

The Survey Says 
The Crafty Princess is thinking of reviving her jewelry kits, maybe even starting up a bead club, and she's really appreciate some input.

10 Crafts for Teenagers 
Crafts for teenagers range from wearables and accessories to bedroom decor. Need a little handmade inspiration to get started? 

June's been creating a bunch of paper bracelets! 

Beading Arts 
Cyndi attempts to get her "Mental Gears" in order in this stringing project! 

Blue Birds and the Bible 
Cherie combines blue birdies and Bible quotes in a series of prints. 

May is the Month to Preserve Precious Family Memories 
May is National Scrapbooking month. Why not get ready by firing up your scanner and digging out the old photos you haven't digitized yet before they deterioate any further. 

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