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Book artist: Guy Laramee

 A Caverna

Guy Laramee's works are like nothing you've ever seen before.  He carves landscapes out of books, playing on his deeply held suspicions that our "accumulation" of knowledge and our changing ways of accessing it through new technologies may turn out to be more of an "erosion."  I love his pieces...they resonate down deep within me, whether or not I totally understand his beliefs.  Please visit his site and see what other wonders Guy has created! 

 The Great Wall

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I was looking through his work a couple of weeks ago, and I completely agree with you, they are like nothing I've seen before. I am in awe of what he does, and in love with his work.
Guy's work is amazing! I've been following him for about a year and there is no other paper artist quite like him; he is more than a cut above the others.
(Sorry I could not resist the pun, lol)