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Tree texture quilt - part five

Orbital Flow...thank you for the suggestion, Laura!

Finally!  Yay!!  My quilt is finished.  All I need now is a name for it.  I tend to be a bit name-challenged, so if you've got any really good suggestions, please feel free to let me know :-)

In order to solve the problem of flat, motionless (and disappearing) quilting stitches, I added a spiral to each using some variegated yellow to orange floss.  That really makes the moons pop, which is much more evident in real life than in my photos.  Not only the color helped, but having the quilting stitches closer together pushed the moons forward too.

The edges were trimmed even, and I stitched around the entire piece with 2 strands of embroidery floss, using my usual blanket stitch.

And here is the finished piece again.  The dimensions are 20.5 inches by 16 inches.

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five 

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The first thing this reminded of is Van Gogh's Starry Night! Nothing to do with trees, but the stitching around the circles is what gives the impression of stars.
Laura Thykeson said…
Hi Cyndi! I love your quilt, and I would call it "Orbital Flow" if it were gives the suggestion of the planets and the orbits around them, and it all just flows together so did a great job on it...I am just learning to do the small quilts and collages, and someday I hope to be as good as you!

Wendy said…
it looks wonderful, I love the texture of it all.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, guys! I love both suggestions for a name too. I'm going to write all suggestions down and save them for the future if I don't use them now...I am so very very name-challenged!