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Mixed Media Artist for your Kindle!

Did you know that the Mixed Media Artist blog  is available for your Kindle?  Unfortunately, it's not free (Amazon sets the price), but it's only 99¢ a month.  Is technology great, or what?

My other two blogs are now there as well:
Beading Arts
Real Food Fast!

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Genevieve said…
Hi Cyndi... I tried to check out your Kindle blog, but it says it's not available in Canada. :-(
Cyndi L said…
Oh!! That really stinks...I'm sorry. I just give Amazon the info and they set up all the terms. I'll see if there's anything I can do about it. I don't remember checking any boxes that set any restrictions :-(
Genevieve said…
Thanks for checking. That would be important if I wanted to do something like that for myself.
Its not available in Oz either, so it looks like its a States only thing, grrrrrr!
Cyndi L said…
Yeah guys, I'm sorry! I checked with both and with, and to their credit they both answered the same night. But unfortunately, they both said the same thing...only available in the US right now. So it's not like I can even sign up with the other affiliates and make it available that way :-(
Genevieve said…
Bummer! Thanks for checking.