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Inktense postcards

Ok, so I got a bit sidetracked...

I had intended to follow up immediately on my inkjet and Inktense experiments, but reality came crashing down!  Once I worked out the design that I wanted to print out, it became apparent that it would make more sense to order it from Spoonflower than to print it all out myself.  So, I'll be back to that topic in a few weeks!

While waiting, I decided to mess around with using Inktense Pencils on fabric batting.  I use a thin natural cotton batting in most of my quilts, and sometimes the batting ends up exposed and painted.  I quickly found out that the batting soaks up a LOT of color.  What looks like it will be bright color fades away as the batting dries.

So let's try gesso.

1. I cut four postcard sized pieces of batting and painted them with strong acrylic paint colors.  

2. Without even waiting for them to dry, I saturated each with white gesso, and then I let them dry overnight.

3. Using the Inktense Pencils on top of the dried gesso led to fully saturated colors, and not a lot of absorption into the batting.  I'm not sure what I'll do with these, but I feel the experiment was well worth it.

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VivJM said…
I really like these & will be interested to see where you go with them.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Viv! I just don't know what they'll be used for. I'm anxiously awaiting a delivery that will allow me to do the next project that I *really* am focused on, so we'll see what happens with these :-)