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Inkjets and Inktense Pencils

Pahoehoe, 2012

I've been experimenting quite a bit with the Inktense Pencils that my sweetie gave me this fall.  I know that one project I want to do will again involve the pictures that I took of lava when we visited Hawai'i early this year.  Since I already have some files available of lava texture that I used in the quilt Pahoehoe (shown above), I thought I'd print out a few of them on some cotton inkjet panels and try some different coloring patterns on them.


You can refer to my tutorial on digital line art in order to print out your own line drawings.  Coloring them was a lot of fun: I used at least a dozen colors for each panel, stroking them on dry and then wetting and blending them with a small watercolor brush to watch them burst into colorful life..  The nature of Inktense Pencils is that once they are dry, they are permanent.  Blend away while they're wet, because later on you're committed! 

Someday I will figure out what exactly to do with these two samples, but for now I know that's not exactly the direction I want to head for the next piece.  But I learned a lot in making them, so no loss!

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Neat idea, Cyndi.

Are your cotton inkjet sheets supple? I have some that are more like canvas (Quick Fuse inkjet printable fabric sheets), so wouldn't be good for a sewn or quilted project.
Cyndi L said…
Yes, they have a very nice feel, Eileen. I'm showing them still attached to their paper backings, so they look kind of stiff. The ones I got are from Jacquard.