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Trip to Portland - part two

Mount Hood...not always easy to see with Portland's weather!

Last week I shared a few shots from our adventure visiting Dani out in Portland Oregon.  Since it was Labor Day weekend, a long weekend, we crammed in as much activity as we possibly could.  And the weather was amazingly cooperative too!

I thought you might enjoy seeing what happens when two artists share an apartment...your kitchen takes on a nautical theme...and your studio sits in the middle of your living room!

We took a trip to the beautiful rose gardens.  Portland is known as the Rose City because of the wonderful rose-growing climate.  Even though the gardens were past their peak, they were still amazing.   

From the gardens, we caught a little steam train (kind of steampunk steam train...) over to the Portland Zoo.  I love how it's all hooked together so that you can park at one spot and take the train around to the other places you want to see.

This house has nothing to do with anything.  I just thought it looked rather festive :-)

The last night that we were there, we went to one of the McMenamin's restaurants.  This one is the St John's Pub and Theater.  The McMenamins own different cool historic buildings all over the region that they've turned into restaurants, each with its own flavor and theme.  Guess why Dani likes this one?

The view from the bridge in St John's

Part one

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jinxxxygirl said…
Albuquerque is just like that! Their zoo, aquarium, and gardens are all together in the same area connected by a cool. Thanks for sharing!
Cyndi L said…
It's such a smart plan if there's enough space when they get built!