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Trip to Portland - part one

Art in the Pearl, an amazing art show in downtown Portland,
Labor Day weekend

A year and a half ago, Dani moved to Portland Oregon to take a job working for Michael Curry Design.  Even though I hate having her so far away, I am very proud of the work that they do, and I'm thrilled that she is making her living doing the kind of art she loves.  We were able to take a long weekend and visit her over Labor Day, and yes...I am just now getting around to going through the pictures I took.  Don't judge me ;-)

Along with about a million other people, we decided to head out to the beautiful Columbia River valley and do some hiking.  By "we", I mean Dani and her roommate Meg, Mike and me.  First stop, Crown Point.  That's Meg and Dani above...I told them to look tough.  And here is Crown Point building, with its amazing interior architecture:

We stopped to see a couple of smaller waterfalls, and also stopped in to see Herman the Sturgeon (estimated at 70 years of age and approximately 11 ft long) at the Bonneville hatchery.  But the real draw for the day was to hike up Moltnomah Falls.

I couldn't get the falls into one shot without going back across the highway.  The trail takes you all the way to the top, so it's really cool, but the best view is actually from the bridge. 

Part two next week!

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