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Sequined quilt

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sarah, who writes Saturday Sequins, prompted a group of us to do a blog hop that she called Sequintastic September.  I decided to join in, and ended up surprised that what came out of me was kind of on the dark side rather than the bright and cheerful thing I had expected.

I found the button and the fabric out in Portland OR while visiting Dani.  The antique gold sequins and copper-colored seed beads were already in my stash, along with the embroidery floss and batting, so I set about to use the sequins in some hand quilting.  Here are the steps I took, so far:

1.   Cut the fabric to size and layer onto a slightly larger piece of batting.  Cut a small piece of cardboard to sit behind the button, under the top fabric, and reinforce it.  I poked two holes through it to make it easier to stitch the whole thing into place.  


2.  I used 3 stands of black embroidery floss to quilt the piece with the sequins and beads, following lines that were on the fabric.

3.  I used the Inktense Pencils that I showed you last week to add color to the rings of the tree.  I was amazed by how the color added a dimensional look to the fabric.


4. The quilt has not yet been backed or finished.  I'm thinking about clipping the batting smaller than the top and leaving the edges raw, maybe just using a running stitch around the outside to add the backing.  Haven't decided yet though.  I guess we'll have to revisit this one in awhile!

Part two - here's how the quilt got finished!

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VivJM said…
This is superb. Sequins always make me think of bright sparkly things - but your use of them is subtle & interesting & quite, quite beautiful.
Robbie said…
WAY too cool!!! Love this piece!!!
Sarah Sequins said…
Cyndi, may I say again that this is a great project? So pretty, and I love the spookiness -- perfect for Halloween!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks all! And I just finished it up yesterday, so I'll be able to post the rest of the steps soon :-)
Just when I think, well this is certainly ready for framing, you say, "Here are the steps I took, so far." lol.

The button is great and the theme is perfect for it ... and for this time of year.

I love how the Inktense pencils work. They're on my wish list.

In the meantime, thank you for sharing examples of their versatility.
Cyndi L said…
Eileen, you're so funny! You know I can't leave well enough alone...
Cherie said…
Can't wait to see the rest! I'm with Eileen - I thought it looked pretty good already! But I know you'll make it even more fabulous.