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Sepia print outs for quilts

There are lots of different ways to achieve a sepia tone in your photographs using Photoshop.  I recently decided to use a few of the shots I took of DH while we were in Hawai'i and print them out on cottom inkjet sheets to use in a future quilt.  The first step was to get a sepia result that I liked.  After trying several methods I've used in the past, this is the one that I liked the most for this application:

Duotone Sepia Technique

1. Duplicate image

2. Desaturate

3. Curves adjustment layer > darken whites and lighten blacks

4. Mode > Graytone (discard color info)

5. Adjust Contrast and/or Brightness sliders if needed

6. Mode > Duotone > sepia tritone option with magenta, black, and yellow

7. Size for printout.

8. Print out on cotton fabric sheets

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Cyndi, does this method work pretty consistently? I try several methods for sepia each time before settling on one. What works best seems to vary with the image.
Cyndi L said…
Not really! Like I said, I tried several of my older methods before hitting on this one. Up to about step 6 it's fine. Adding the sepia tritone option will necessitate messing around with the curves function to get it right each time.
Cherie said…
I didn't even know you could do this with Photoshop. I hope you show us the quilt when you get it all together. I love this idea a lot.
Cyndi L said…
Oh definitely, Cherie! I've been a bit slow to get on with it, because it's been so stinking hot that I don't want a big project on my lap :-)