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Mobius bracelet

I told you earlier that I received a copy of C. June Barnes's fabulous new book called Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art.  You'll find a review of it here.  One of June's structures that really caught my eye was a mobius strip piece that she had slit before twisting and stitching it into place.  Fabric sculpture...bracelet...what's the difference!  I was immediately intrigued and went about figuring out how to make one. 

I had to try 4 times to finally get it right.  One was too stiff, one was too long, one hadn't been cut accurately enough.  You get the idea.  If you want to make one, I suggest that you experiment with length before using your favorite fabric!


Sarah Sequins said…
What an awesome bracelet! Fourth time's the charm, right?
Cyndi L said…
Well, in this case anyway ;-)
That is gorgeous... my favorite colors! You sound like me Cyndi... "tenacious"... I'm glad it worked out, it really does look great!
The mobius strip is great fun! You can cut, crochet, knit and weave these strips, and once embellished they become very intriguing. One thing they do make is an excellent band and shoulder strap for a purse, and the twist can either be a feature on the purse itself, or left to go over the shoulder and it makes a far more comfortable strap, particularly if you wear your purse across your chest. They also make great cowls - the winter holiday season is not that far away!
Cyndi L said…
What a great idea about the purse strap! If my purse allows it, I always unfasten one end and twist it anyway...too bad that so many purses come with fastened down straps. I haven't made any, but maybe I need to put that on my list. Thanks!
I love Mobius strips. They're just so intriguing. I'll be trying the bracelet (thanks for the tips, Cyndi) and the cowl idea as well.