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At First Light - part four

Woo hoo!  It's finished!  Let me introduce you to At First Light, companion piece to As Daylight Fades.  They are both approximately 3 x 2', all hand painted silk except for the batting and backing fabrics, and all hand stitched.

I started by stitching down the top-most pieces, that is, any pieces that were not covered on any sides by any other pieces.  I then moved on and worked more or less from the center outward so that I could trim pieces as needed as they shifted slightly.  I used a single strand of embroidery floss and stitched through all layers of silk and the batting layer, using a blanket stitch.

The backing fabric was added and cut to size.  I stitched all around the outside with the same blanket stitch.  Even though the image at the top shows straight edges, they are not completely straight: wherever the blocks jutted out slightly around the edges, I allowed them to stay that way.

I added buttons to the back in strategic spots, stitching up through all layers and around seams on the front in order to keep the quilt from sagging.  Since I didn't quilt through the backing fabric, something must be done to help stabilize a quilt this size.  Tiny ones can get away with no buttons or knotting

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This is absolutely gorgeous! Ethereal, like fairy dust! Silk is sooooo addictive!
Cyndi L said…
You know it is! I just had to order more plain white yardage...

And, I've been playing with soy silk roving lately. Not silk, I know, but it's got that nice luster just the same :-)
Robbie said…
Such a delicate, peaceful piece!! Just lovely! Idea of the button is also quite clever!!
Cyndi L said…
I've seen it done by several people, Robbie, but I think the first one I learned it from was Nancy Eha.
Ann R. said…
Thanks so much for sharing this. Your work is beautiful. I had been wondering if it was possible to use handpainted silks in a quilt and stumbled upon your postings. Did you finish the edges of the silk pieces in any way before arranging them ?
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Ann! I don't finish the edges at all. There is a certain amount of unraveling that occurs, and you have to handle them gently, but the paint (I don't use dyes) helps to hold them together a little bit. I just stitch around the outer edges with a single strand of floss, very very carefully!