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Quote of the week

When making art, whatever happens, behave as though you meant it to happen.

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Coleen said…
Love it! Cyndi, I connected with you via Linkdin. I'm following now. Come visit my blog. Would love it if you followed on there too.


Coleen in Ukraine
Nancy said…
Thank your for such useful information. I want to print my digital photos on fabric to make wall hangings. Some things I read say it will not be colorfast - will fade from indoor light. I bought a package of "Printed Treasures" fabric sheets but am worried that my HP ink will not last. It is not pigment ink. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Nancy -
Cyndi L said…
Hi Coleen! I enjoyed my visit to both of your blogs :-)
Cyndi L said…
Hi Nancy :-) From everything that I have read, pigment inks are *probably* the only ones you can count on for sure. However, Golden's has a product called Digital Ground which is supposed to help keep transfers and other designs UV protected. I have not had any fading of any of my ordinary inkjet transfers when they've been encased in this or another archival sealer. But of course, they haven't yet made it to 100 years either ;-)