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Book review: 500 Vases

500 Vases: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Form (500 Series) 

Another gorgeous Lark publication, 500 Vases in inspiring to the max.  It never occurred to me to even really wonder what the full range of creative vase-making was out there, which is somewhat surprising since vases are what I'm most likely to buy at a fair or in a gallery.  I love to have a vase from each of my ceramic and wood-turning friends.

Why would you want a book on vases if you don't make vases?  I strongly recommend browsing through books like this one in order to refill your creative well.  Whatever your preferred art form, don't you find that an infusion of inspiration from a totally different direction will often set your head spinning with possibilities?  It's never a waste of time to go on an artist date with an amazing book like this!

It's hard to chose favorites as there are so many amazing, lovely, awe-inspiring, and jaw-dropping pieces included, but one that caught my eye and tickled my funny bone was this porcelain piece by Adam Chau.

He calls in Egg Crate in the book, but it is labeled Hatch on his website.  Whichever name you prefer, who'd a thought?  Isn't it wonderful?

I simply can't show you anymore, because I just can't chose.  If you have never experienced the wonder and the beauty of a Lark 500 series book, this would be an excellent one to start with.  I don't work with clay, but a thing of beauty is a thing of beauty, and this book is full of them!

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