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Slow Cloth

I joined a group on Facebook awhile ago called Slow Cloth.  I thought some of you might find it interesting, so if you're on FB, take a look.  Here's a description of the group:

This group, created by Elaine Lipson is open to anyone who works with textiles and fabric in art, craft, design, fashion, or business. The Slow Cloth approach to textiles is process-based, honoring and protecting textile traditions while celebrating contemporary innovation, creativity, sustainability, and community. Slow Cloth is not a project or a technique -- it's a philosophy, an attitude, an approach to the work. Slow Cloth includes hand- and machine-stitching, personal passions and commercial endeavors; in all cases, it's characterized by joy, skill, contemplation, beauty, and expression. The Slow Cloth philosophy embraces teaching, community (global and local), diversity, and the responsible sourcing and use of materials.

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