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Expanded square flowers

Last week I showed you some expanded squares I was working on.  Even though I thought that they might make interesting yardage, especially the hearts, I decided to start by just messing around with applying one square as a transfer to some fabric. 

1. I decided to use the T-shirt transfer method, so I printed the pattern out onto a sheet of transfer paper. 

2. I used Quinacridone violet and Lumiere crimson acrylic paints to color some muslin fabric in a plastic bag

3. After the fabric has dried overnight and been ironed well, iron on the transfer, following the manufacturer's directions. 

4. I used additional Quinacridone violet, Lumiere crimson, and added some Lumiere halo violet gold to enhance the fabric.  You can see the biggest problem with T-shirt transfers: you can always tell where the edge is.  I will have to take that into account and use it to my advantage when I use this in a finished piece.  Stitching or beadwork which emphasizes the outline will probably help!

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This reminds me of my struggle with my doodles to decide if I like them best in black and white or with color... Each has merit, and I cannot decide which I prefer... sort of like your fabric. Both the black and white version and the colored background are great. I despise that edge thing when it comes to transfers, wouldn't it be great if they could devise a product that could be "wiped away" in some fashion except where the actual design adhered?
Cyndi L said…
Yeah, I mean you can hide the edge by layering other things over it, but that's not really what I wanted. I'll probably be cutting this one up and using pieces of it in other projects.
Cori Lynn Berg said…
I really love your expanded squares.. eventually you dont even notice the square at all!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Cori! And when you tile them, they create a new image in between each tile. I love stuff like this :-)
Limarea said…
That looks great! And I love the color :)
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Limar! You always make me feel better when I'm not happy with the results :-)
That expanded square design is so pretty.

Have you tried the new Lazertran inkjet transfers for fabric? I know the silk version doesn't leave an edge and preserves the feel of the fabric, but they have to be printed with a toner-based printer (laser printer or copy center machine).

I wonder how the inkjet version would do.
Cyndi L said…
I have not used Lazertran since it doesn't work with my printer. I might be able to get a copy shop to do it for me...good suggestion, thanks!