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Expanded squares

Expanded squares are so much fun to make.  I recently had an evening when I didn't feel like doodling or doing the zentangley sort of thing, so I got out some black and white stock paper and my X-acto knife, and I went to town.

After cutting out the squares, I scanned them into my trusty Adobe Photoshop CS3 program and made digital stamps with them.  I wanted to see if either would make interesting fabric yardage.    

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Theresa Plas said…
How clever! Great graphics Cindy!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Theresa! They're as relaxing for me as zentangles, it seems :-)
I think they both would make wonderful fabric... I really love the second one as far as fabric goes though... amazing as always!
Robbie said…
These are way too cool!! Wonderful!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks June and Robbie :-) Try them...they are so wicked easy!
I really love the first one. Based on June's comment, it seems you have two winners!
Cyndi L said…
I really love the first design too, Eileen, but as far as yardage goes, I think I might have to stick with the slightly less complicated one. The other one tiles really well, but it's just sort of overly complex to my eye.