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Stamping and overstamping techniques

Here’s a really easy way to make a rather complex-looking layered background. I made a couple of simple texture and pattern stamps, and used a set of Jacquard acrylic paints in rich autumn colors. Round, shown above, is the piece that I shared last week on Make Art Monday.

String block stamp:
Wrap hemp or regular household string around a sturdy piece of cardboard. Use double stick tape to arrange the string into wavy patterns if desired.

Heat-carved foam stamp:
I used a flat piece of foam and melted a pattern into it with my soldering iron. Do this outside…it stinks!

Stamping a background:

1. Paint the background a solid medium color (I used metallic rust).

2. Stamp with the string block in a highlight color (burnt orange).

3. Stamp with the etched foam stamp (super copper and burgundy).

4. Stamp again with the string block (grape).

5. Repeat any of the above steps desired, varying the colors used.

6. Write a quote using a Faber-Castell Pitt pen (brush style).

7. Stamp with permanent black ink in a crackle pattern. If you don’t have a crackle stamp, try crinkled plastic wrap.

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