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Freezer paper background papers

Freezer paper painting is fun and easy, but really unpredictable. You will rarely end up with papers that you won’t be able to use, but you also might not end up with many (or any) that thrill you completely. I find that these are usually papers that I end up tearing up for other projects rather than using whole.

1. Thin some acrylic paints, each in its own small plastic cup. Fill a spray bottle with water and have your brayer handy.

2. Place some freezer paper, shiny side up, on your work surface and float the thinned paints on top. Let them mix at the edges. Add pearl ex or other sparkling inclusions if desired.

3. Spray with water to disperse more.

4. Lay down dampened stock paper or watercolor paper to pick up the paints. Brayer down to soak thoroughly.

5. Remove them to a place they can dry undisturbed.

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