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Paper towel transfers…more background papers

You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many background papers lying around waiting for inspiration! Here’s another fun and easy technique…but again, be forewarned that it can be addictive.

1. Put down a piece of freezer paper to protect your work surface…this is a very juicy technique!

2. Dip thick paper towels into several bright colors of thinned acrylic paints. Lay the towel out on the freezer paper.

3. Arrange stencils, both negative and positive, around the towel.

4. Sandwich the towel with stencils between 2 pieces of paper. You can use cardstock, watercolor paper, or even heavier textured papers like wallpaper.

5. Brayer over the entire sandwich. You’ll end up with 2 gorgeous different papers.

6. Use glazes to fill in empty areas if desired, or top with a glaze color of your choice to pull the whole piece together. I’ve used Quinacridone Gold.

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