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"The seven words you can't say on TV"

With apologies to George Carlin, here are the seven words that I wasn't allowed to say on TV:

"Jesus Christ is Lord of my life"

It's over! I was literally shaking the entire time I watched the HGTV program with my segments on it today. I look fat, I look scared, I'm look boring, I don't do backflips or a little dance. Thank you so much to everyone who emailed encouragement to me both before and after~ I appreciate it more than you can know.

Now, you wanna know "the rest of the story"? (Since I'm already stealing lines from celebrities, I might as well take that one too!) The claim is that That's Clever, formerly known as Crafters Coast to Coast, wants to show the world what makes you tick as an artist, what inspires you. That's not completely true. The crew that came to my house was completely professional, and I have nothing but high praise for the way they conducted themselves and the sessions they filmed with me. But here's the thing: the first thing they had to do was rid my studio of anything "religious". Next, I couldn't talk about the part my faith plays in what I do. Not their fault ~ show rules.

You wanna know what makes me tick? My faith.
You wanna know what inspires me? My God.
You wanna know what I think about while I'm beading? Actually, I pray.

So, I could have done backflips around my lawn (well, actually I couldn't) and that would have been alright, but God forbid ~ oh sorry, george forbid that I mention or show in any way what really turns me on!

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Anonymous said…
To tell you the truth, I'm glad you didn't do back flips around the yard...we artists get enough bad press for being...different don't we? (smiles) You did a wonderful job, and I know all of us at the beading forum are proud of you....charging yet for your autograph?
Sad to say you couldn't talk about the Lord on the program...but...hopefully HERE you can get the word out. Hope sales go better for you, and what better way than to be on t.v.
Be well, Merry Christmas from my house to yours, Nita a.k.a Talking Woman
stop by my blog if you get the chance, and please sign my guest book? Thanks, Nita