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Happy New Year!

Like all good goal-setting fanatics, I love love love New Year's Day! Actually, I also love May 1st and September 1st, because I usually set goals three times per year. That may be taking it too far for some folks, but I feel better when I divide the year up into bite-sized pieces.

Of course, January 1st is still the granddaddy of them all!

As far as art goals go, I've divided them up into art development, website improvement, and marketing. I'm going to post some of my goals for my jewelry work on my other blog, and just give you a sample of my mixed media goals here:

Website improvement ~ I just went through a whole website re-org in November and December, so mostly I'll be looking for ways to tweak the design as a whole.

Art development ~ I'm going to take an online course! I'm very excited about it since I've never done this before. It's been years and years and years since I've taken a class on anything. Mostly I teach them, so it'll be a good stretch to get back on the other side of things. Second, I'm trying to produce work in series more than previously. I might go back and revisit some old work and see where I can take it.

Marketing ~ I don't know I don't know I don't know. I haven't done any marketing at all of my mixed media work, only of my jewelry. I did add an "orders" page after several people requested prints...does that count? But I don't know what to do next.

Those are the highlights for the next few months. I'm going to spare you from having to wade through my personal goals!

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