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Monday, December 12, 2005


Not optical lenses this time! I'm talking instead about a series of portal-type pages that are being launched as...well, not exactly an experiment...but as small gateways into topics. What sort of topics? Oh, you can't even imagine what all the different lenses are about!

This whole...community?...is the brainchild of Seth Godin. Would you like to see the ones that I've created that are pertinent to mixed media art? Please be kind and remember that these are all works in progress :-)

Book Arts Handmade books, altered books, artists journals, and books-as-art

Mixed Media When you want to try all forms of art, all at the same time...

Collage An endlessly fascinating art form

And here are the lenses that I'm working on that are more related to jewelry. Nonetheless, you might find something of interest here too!

Bead Art What to bead, what to bead? Got questions? Here's answers!
Beaded Jewelry Marvelous handmade artisan pieces

Beads Name your favorites ~ we got links!

Beading My own personal tutorials

Handmade Beads Learn to make your own ~ glass, clay, paper... (this one is my least finished!)

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